Event Rentals

done right.


Elevate your next event with Sport Court of Southern California's rental product lines. We offer turnkey event courts and surface solutions for:

  • Professional Sporting Associations
  • Studio lots and Industry Professionals
  • Marketing and Promotions Agencies
  • City Events
  • Photoshoots
  • And more!

Official Court of FIBA 3x3

FIBA selected Sport Court® as their court supplier because Sport Court delivers a high-performance product that makes an event director’s job easier.

·       PORTABILITY: 1 court comes in two 3m crates

·       EASY INSTALLATION: 2 guys, 2 hours, 1 court

·       PLAY ANYWHERE: Sport Court 3x3 basketball courts can be put down over almost any hard, flat surface allowing 3x3 tournaments to be played in a variety of unique, iconic venues

·       CUSTOMIZABLE: Personalized colors and logos

·       SAFETY: Protects athletes from joint fatigue and overuse injuries